The Floral kettle

The FloThe Floral Kettleral  kettle, is a decoupage mix media work on a regular Aluminium kettle.I Primed the base kettle with white Acrylic paint, instead of Gesso, As for me the gesso was not holding the surface well.  Next i took a 3 ply Floral decoupage napkin and decoupaged it onto the surface. Once it was dry, I added some dry brush stokes of gesso to give it the vintage look. Using soft pastels I smudged the relating colors mixing it to the background. Finally I added a layer of hand-made clay fauna on the handle and added few floral embellishments… I tried to keep the look rustic with flora and fauna and The project was ready to be sealed.

I loved creating this beautiful kettle, which is currently being flaunted in my dinning space, although being sealed we can also use in our garden plating little show plant… 🙂

I hope you guys liked this easy – pezy project of mine, do leave your feedback in the comment section below.




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